During his/her movement, stay and work in Montenegro, a foreign person shall be obliged to act in accordance with the regulations applicable in Montenegro and decisions of the competent state authorities.

Pursuant to the Foreigners Law, foreign citizen means any citizen of another state or a stateless person (in terms of this site, a foreign citizen is not a foreigner who exercises the privileges and immunities under the international law).

A stateless person is a foreigner whom no nation consider him/her its citizen in accordance with its legislation or provisions of ratified and published international treaties and generally recognized.

Foreigner can work in Montenegro in accordance to the Foreigners Law and Labor Law.

Condition precedent for employment of a foreign person is the work permit.

It is a license that allows free access to foreigner labor market, regardless of the state and market relations.

A foreigner with a personal work permit has an equal status as a Montenegrin citizen in terms of unemployment and employment rights.

We provide legal services with respect to hiring of foreigners (permits, approvals), temporary residence etc. 

For more information on aforementioned issues please visit https://work-in-montenegro.com.


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